What to look for in a new toilet

When our search for THE BEST TOILET first started, we thought a toilet bowl was a standard fixture that we could just go down to the local HOME DEPOT and pick up.  Little did we know that the search for a toilet replacement was going to take so much time? Toilet manufacturing has come into the twenty-first century with every kind of add-on you can imagine.  We looked at all brands — from the American Standard Toilet to the most expensive TOTO Toilets.  We wanted to know:  “What makes one toilet better than the next one?”

Here is what we learned.  Toilets come in five different types of configuration:  Dual Flush, Gravity, Pressure Assisted, Vacuum, and Composting Toilets.  Do you want a one-piece toilet which is easier to keep clean but more expensive, or a two-piece toilet that is less expensive but possibly more prone to leakage?

Height should always be considered when you are shopping for a toilet.  I know it can be a little embarrassing to sit down on a toilet in the middle of a showroom but believe me — it is well worth the trying out.  The height of the old traditional toilet seats was about 14 inches, but you can now purchase the modern seats with heights up to 17 inches. These are far more comfortable if you tend to spend “reading time” in the bathroom.

When it comes to flushing, the EPA has now set a strict standard of 1.6 gals of water to flush the bowl.  For some this is just fine, but a low-flow toilet may not be for everyone.  One plumber told us that if you get a low flow toilet, make sure you get a plunger to go along with it. Pressure assisted toilets tend to make far more noise than gravity feed toilets and also require at least 25 psi household water pressure.

Circular or Elongated:  If you have a small bathroom the type of toilet configuration is important.  Measure you area before shopping, because what might fit you may not fit your bathroom.  On a personal note, we found that the Elongated Toilet to be far more comfortable, but it takes up more real estate.

Good luck shopping.